Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Quick Digital Greeting!

I thought I would share a quick Christmas Greeting that I made with My Digital Studio. This was a premade template that I made a few modifications too and added our Christmas Photo. Had I been a little more prepared this year, I could have had these printed and used them as our Christmas card but instead I will share it with you and I uploaded it to facebook for all of our friends and family to see and wish them a Merry Christmas. This picture is some what of a family tradition. I take a picture of the kids every year to use in our cards and most years they are in front of a Christmas tree. As I look back through the years of photos I can't help but notice how much they have grown and changed. I hope you are enjoying some family time with those you love. We spent the afternoon wrapping gifts. Each child gets to buy a gift for their siblings and while we were wrapping today my youngest said, "You know mom, my favorite part about Christmas isn't the wrapping and gifts, it is Jesus." What a sweet thing for a almost seven year old to say. Made me smile.
Well, I am off to make dinner we are having Chicken Pot Pie with Homemade Biscuits. It is one of my families favorite meals. Thanks for stopping by, Tonya

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Rose Castillo said...

Your kids are beautiful! What a precious thing for your to say especially for his age, just goes to show you and your husband are teaching him the true meaning of Christmas. Hope you have a blessed Christmas!