Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Boxes

Super Quick post, I hope to get back later with some Valentines cards, but for now I wanted to share a funny story. There have been post about the new Stampin'Up! boxes for Sale-a-bration and I have been waiting to receive one and yesterday was the day. I actually received two for this month's Stamp Club Orders. So I got out the camera to take a picture to share with you all. The first picture is of the side of the box and then the top of the box. Well anyone that has placed and order with Stampin'Up! knows that of course opening the box may cause extreme excitement. I would take the may and add will but that is just me and we all know that I love Stampin'Up! products. So it is the second box that gave me a moment of laughter and the need to share with you. You see after taking the first boxes picture I started to opening the boxes and sort through all the goodies inside and let me just say that my Stamp Club ladies got some great things this month, but I won't go into that here in case a husband might stumble upon my blog. Now back to the second box, image my surprise when in the upper left hand corner where there should have been the "warning label" all I had was a blank spot. No not blank in that the box was misprinted, blank as in someone had cut the label off! I really was amazed then thought it was funny that someone would want that cute little label so much they cut it off my box. Now my kids think there is a Stampin'Up! loving UPS working that just couldn't wait to get a box with the label of their own. Who knows why but I thought I would share and maybe give a you good laugh for the day. If you are in my Stamp Club know that orders are sorted and ready for pick up. Got any stories about items being shipped that you would like to share leave me a post I would love to read them. Hope you all have a great day, Tonya

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