Wednesday, November 25, 2009

LIghted Blocks

Good morning, before I run out to do my pre Thanksgiving errands and see my kids skate, I thought I would share a project that I made yesterday. I love making these lighted glass blocks and giving them as gifts. I have made them with snowflakes, the Holy Triptych stamp set and personalized them with family names. They just require a little stamping, embossing then etching, but before I get to far ahead of myself lets start at the beginning of the project. I purchase the glass block from a local home improvement store. These blocks are the ones that you see walls made out of in homes. Next my husband drills a hole in the side of the block with a special glass drill bit. After I have rinsed out all the glass pieces and let the block dry the fun part begins. You will pick the stamp set of your choice. I used Serene Snowflakes Stamp Set (115438) from the Holiday Mini and after cleaning the front of the glass block I stamped with Versamark on the front of the block. After stamping all the snowflakes that I wanted I poured Silver Embossing Powder over the entire front of the block and poured the excess into the Powder Pal Tray. I then used the Heat Tool to emboss the snowflakes. It really doesn't matter what color of embossing powder you use as it will be removed later. After you have embossed the snowflakes let the block cool. It will get hot while you embossed the images. Then I use painters tape and mark a square around the images. I then add Etching Cream (found at most craft stores) to the taped off area and let it set for 10 minutes. Be sure and read the directions on your etching cream and don't get it on your hands. After the ten minutes I simple rinse off the cream and most of the embossing will also come off too. If it doesn't then simple wash the front with a wet paper towel. I then add a string of Christmas lights and a bow and the block is finished and ready to decorate your home or give as a gift.

I have added a few extra pictures today because it is difficult to see the snowflakes. The top picture is a closeup and then the bottom is with the Christmas lights turned off. I hope you enjoyed today's post and if you are interested in making or buying one of these glass blocks please contact me. I do take orders for individuals who would like a personalized block. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with great food but most of all with family and friends. Tonya

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